HR for the Financial and Commercial Sectors

At HR Financial, we offer a range of services for the financial and commercial sectors including recruitment and executive search, consulting and advisory services and training.

Our recruitment service in the banking, insurance, securities and accountancy fields provides specialist staff in Britain and internationally. Our international activities include HR China International, covering China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Employers: Intellectual Capital, Sectoral Competence

As an employer, you want to be certain that you have cast your recruitment net wide and located the best candidate for your post. You want to find that special candidate, able to perform swiftly and competently, to your demanding standards. At HR Financial we have the outreach to the local and the international financial sector to find that person. And the knowledge to make sure that they are the right fit for the your job specification.

A winning combination for the Employer and the Candidate.

And assurance for your continued success internationally.

Transforming our Human Capital into your Human Resources.

Training Services and Green Finance

HR Financial provides specialist training with an emphasis on green and sustainable finance for financial sector organisations and individuals.

We run two short introductory courses for Pension Fund Trustees, Asset Managers and Board Directors on Sustainable Stewardship and on ESG Risks and Opportunities. We provide basic briefing and key question training sessions for busy executives to discharge their fiduciary duties. These two 90 minute presentations can be conducted either in-person or virtually.

We are also working with the UK Chartered Banker Institute. Their Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance is an international benchmark program aimed at developing skills and promoting the development of financial products and services needed to support the investments required for a low carbon future. They also offer a complementary Certificate programme in Climate Risk.

Green and Sustainable Finance Certificate

Certificate in Climate Risk


… Evaluate your choices, negotiate your transition

HR Financial is always on the look-out for talented executives with a successful track record who have exceptional leadership potential. Or you may be just beginning your career.

When we find the right position, we will approach you to see if you are interested. We will then conduct a preliminary interview, to further evaluate your suitability. If you want to proceed, we will then present you to your potential new employer.

We will keep you briefed at all stages.
We will smooth the negotiation process.


About HR Financial

Leadership team:

John Adams was previously the Manager for China at the Bank of England, where he worked from 1973 to 1994 on such areas as Basle I, repayment of Chinese defaulted bonds, and Banking Supervisory Policy. He was subsequently Adviser for China at West Merchant Bank, a London investment bank, specialising in power sector financing. He now runs China Financial Services, a consultancy providing advice to the financial sector in London and China.

Bob Collins has broad international business experience covering UK/Europe, United States and Asia. His business sector involvement has included Finance, Energy, Information Systems and High Technology. He has held senior positions at Director and Vice President level in the UK and the United States. Bob's current focus is on the financial sector. He leads the Information Systems practice within HR Financial as well as advising China Financial Services on international and IT strategy.

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